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Last remaining stock of my 2014 book, now out of print. This one's set on a carnival travelling up the east coast of Australia. Returned veteran Ben takes on wannabe rapper Mikey to help him run the Target Ball stand, but he's sneakily dealing crystal meth under the counter. It all goes pear shaped. Here's what the media had to say:

"One rollercoaster bucolic frolic through the badlands." Qantas Magazine

"Burning with irreverence, The Glass Kingdom is a riveting read that plays like an outback Breaking Bad." New Daily

"The blasted social landscape of northern NSW shows a broad similarity with the drug-wrecked society of the Missouri Ozarks. Flynn's command of extravagant action and idiom never flags." The Australian

"Cheekily giving the traditional school of Australian literature the middle finger." Books + Publishing

Basically, if you liked Breaking Bad and HBO's Carnivale, you'll be into this. And no, I did not go undercover as a meth dealer, which is what someone on the ABC asked. At least, not that I could admit...

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A Tiger in Eden
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