A Tiger in Eden


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Last remaining stock of my first novel from 2012, now out of print. The story of Billy Montgomery, an Irish thug on the run in Thailand. He gets stuck there and has to come to terms with his past. Lots of swearing and sex (two readers claimed to fall pregnant as a result of reading this - I claim no responsibility for any future pregnancies). Here's some praise:

"A brilliant mix of hilarious and confronting that keeps refusing to be like any other book you've ever read." Nick Earls

"If ever Irvine Welsh and Elizabeth Gilbert had a love child, then A Tiger in Eden would be the result. Hilarious and wholly surprising." Daily Telegraph

"Destined for immediate cult status." Sunday Territorian

It goes on like that. A lot of reviewers used the words 'hilarious', 'filthy' and 'poignant', which is me in a nutshell. Plus it's short, at 215 pages, and written entirely in Irish patois. Again, just don't blame me if two lines come up when you pee on the strip.

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The Glass Kingdom
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